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dr Anna Maćkowiak

dr Anna Maćkowiak


Anna M. Maćkowiak conducts fieldwork projects in Poland and Indonesia. She has defended her doctoral thesis concerning the social actors of two Indonesian rituals. Earlier, she studied the Indonesian language at the University of Mataram, she was visiting the University of Vienna, and she was a beneficiary of the Jagiellonian Interdisciplinary PhD Programme. The internship at the Department of Cultural Anthropology, Utrecht University brought her to studying the relation between urbanity and religions. She is currently examining this topic in Gdańsk and Kraków within the research project RUM Religion Urbanity Mapping led by Natalia Zawiejska. In 2022, she will come back to Indonesia to prepare an anthropological film on religious pluralism.

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  • religious diversity
  • religious (in)tolerance
  • anthropology of religions
  • religion and urbanity
  • spirituality and tourism
  • indigenous religion paradigm

Investigator of the National Science Centre’s OPUS 19 project (2020/37/B/HS1/02363), Religion and urbanity: Mapping and relating religious fields in contemporary Polish cities, PI Natalia Zawiejska, PhD. 2021–2023

Principal investigator of the National Science Centre’s PRELUDIUM 11 project (2016/21/N/HS3/00869), Constructing Meanings of Indonesian Religious Rituals: Funeral Ceremonies of Toraja and the Lingsar Temple Festival According to Tourists, Travellers, Hosts, and Tour Operators. 2017-2021

A. M. Maćkowiak (2022). Conceptual Dilemmas from a Fieldwork in Indonesia: ‘Religious’ ‘Unity in Diversity’ at the Lingsar Temple Festival. Religion 52(1):86–101. doi: 10.1080/0048721X.2021.2011083.

A. M. Maćkowiak, N. Zawiejska (2022 in press). Religion and Biopolitics in the Time of Corona: The Catholic Feast of Corpus Christi in a Polish City. The Journal of Religion, Nature and Culture, 16(1).

A. M. Maćkowiak (2020). Gdzie się podziali to mebalunowie? Przewodnicy kultu pogrzebowego w indonezyjskiej Toradży, In: Czarownice, czarownicy, czary. Obrazy kulturowe, literackie, artystyczne, ed. A. Anczyk. Kraków: Akademia Ignatianum w Krakowie.

A. M. Maćkowiak (2017). Religion and Spirituality in the Travel and Tourism Sector: A Study of Lonely Planet’s Indonesia and Thailand Guidebooks. Studia Religiologica, 50(4), 335–344.

H. Grzymała-Moszczyńska, A. Anczyk, & A. M. Maćkowiak (2017). The Sacred Texts Experiment: Images of religious Others and their role in forming attitudes towards accepting Muslim refugees in Poland. Studia Migracyjne – Przegląd Polonijny, 3(165):109 –130.

Polish - native
English - fluent
Indonesian – advanced
Italian – reading