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dr Joanna Krotofil

dr Joanna Krotofil


Joanna Krotofil studied Psychology at Jagiellonian University. In 2012 she obtained her PhD from the Institute for the Study of Religions. Her thesis focused on the relationship between religion and identity among recent Polish migrants in UK, and the dialogical relationships between institutions and individuals undergoing identity re-negotiation process. Member of the Polish Association for the Study of Religion and the American Academy of Religion. Visiting Professor at the University of Seged as part of the academic exchange programme CEEPUS. Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy awarded in recognition of attainment against the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education. Principal Investigator and co-applicant on externally funded projects focusing on the female conversion to Islam, gendered relationships between religion and everyday life; and race and religion.

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  • contemporary Catholicism
  • contemporary Islam and Muslims in the West
  • identity and religious conversion
  • relationship between mothering, motherhood and religion
  • research methods

2020 – 2023 – “Religion, mothering  and identity among young mothers - experiences of Catholic and Muslim women in Poland”,  Grant NCN (SONATA) 2019/35/D/HS1/00181 – Principal Investigator  (800,000PLN)

2021-2022 – “Whiteness in strategic identity performances of Polish female converts to Islam”, Collaborative International Research Grant, the American Academy of Religion’s International Connections Committee – Co-applicant/ Coordinator (5,000 USD)

2018 – 2021 – “Managing spoiled identity - the case of Polish female converts to Islam”,  Grant NCN (OPUS) 2017/25/B/HS1/00286 – Co-applicant (250,000 PLN)

2011 – “Mixed heritage in Waltham Forest”, London Borough of Waltham Forest Council – PI (10,000 GBP)

2010-2011 -  PhD Research Grant (N N106 054438) – Co-applicant (35,000 PLN)

2008 – Research stipend - the British –Polish Young Scientists Programme, British Council (WAR/342/114) – Co-applicant (5,000 GBP)

Joanna Krotofil ORCID:

Krotofil, J., Górak-Sosnowska, K., Abdallah-Krzepkowska, B. and Piela, A. (forthcoming). Being Muslim, Polish, and at Home – Converts to Islam in Poland. Journal of Contemporary Religion (accepted for publication in 2020).

Krotofil, J., Piela, A., Górak-Sosnowska, K. and Abdallah-Krzepkowska. B. (2021). Theorizing the Religious Habitus in the Context of Conversion to Islam among Polish Women of Catholic Background. Sociology of Religion, 82(3): 257–280.

Motak, D., Krotofil, J., Wójciak, D. (2021). The Battle for Symbolic Power: Kraków as a Stage of Renegotiation of the Social Position of the Catholic Church in Poland. Religions, 12 (8), 594.

Piela, A. and Krotofil, J. (2021). “I Discovered I Love to Pray Alone Too”: Pluralist Muslim Women’s Approaches to Practicing Islam during and after Ramadan 2020. Religions 12 (9), 784.

Krotofil, J., and Motak, D. (2018). Between traditionalism, fundamentalism and populism: a critical discourse analysis of the media coverage of the migration crisis in Poland. In (eds.) Ulrich Schmiedel and Graeme Smith, Religion in the European Refugee Crisis, London: Palgrave McMillan, pp. 61–85.

Krotofil J. (2014). Religia w procesie kształtowania tożsamości wśród polskich migrantów w Wielkiej Brytanii. Krakow: Nomos.

Krotofil, J. (2013). Religion, migration and dialogical self – new application of Personal Position Repertoire method. Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 26(2), 1–14.

Eade, J., Krotofil, J. (2012). Religious Change in an Increasingly Multicultural Britain. In:W.H.M. Jansen and C. Notermans (ed.), Pilgrimage and Charismatic Worship among ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Poles. In: Gender, Nation and Religion in European Pilgrimage. 163-178. ISBN: 9781409449645

Krotofil, J. (2011). ‘If I am to be a Muslim, I have to be a good one’. Polish migrant women embracing Islam and negotiating their identity in dialog with self and others. In: K. Gorak- Sosnowska (ed.) Muslims in Poland and Eastern Europe: Widening the European Discourse on Islam. 154-168. ISBN: 978-83-903229-5-7

  • Introduction to sociology of religion
  • Qualitative methods in social science
  • Introduction to qualitative and quantitative method in research on religion
  • Contemporary religiosity and spirituality
  • Islam and the West
  • Religion and Multiculturalism