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RESEARCH SEMINAR: Religious and Intellectual Traditions in Antiquity

RESEARCH SEMINAR: Religious and Intellectual Traditions in Antiquity

Zapraszamy na seminarium w ramach projektu: "Religious and Intellectual Traditions in Antiquity", które poprowadzi Prof. Eduard Iricinschi z Ruhr-Universität Bochum dnia 28 lutego 2020.

Seminarium odbędzie się dnia 28 lutego 2020 w Instytucie Religioznawstwa

ul. Krupnicza 2

Sala 305

o godzinie 13:15


“The ancient books have added to my writings” (1 Ke 151.372):
The Egyptian Literary Renovation of Manichaeism

This paper will place the Manichaean writings discovered at Medinet Madi, within the
larger context of the increasing role of religious books in fourth and fifth century CE
Egypt. It will suggest that there is a family resemblance between Manichaean codices,
magic recipes, and the Nag Hammadi codices: they all include Coptic texts copied in
the fourth and fifth century CE, which, presumably, provided both a revelatory map
of the creation of the world, information about the fare of the soul in this world and
after it departs it, as well as a cluster of solutions of how to deal with contingency. The
paper proposes to understand the shape of Western Manichaeism of Coptic expression
in connection to contemporary religious literary developments (PGM XIII and the
NHC), and to regard it as the result of the coagulation of Mani’s doctrines within the
second generation of Egyptian Manichaean elect.

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