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Homo Spectator. Religion and the Visual

Homo Spectator.  Religion and the Visual

Seminar / 30h / 4 ECTS / winter semester (+ workshop filmmaking teachers from FILMSPRING OPEN) Coordinator: dr Urszula Idziak – Smoczyńska

The course will be devoted to the analysis of religion and the visual from several perspectives (enchantment and disenchantment of art in the realm of postsecularism, the confessing function of art, metamorphosis and catharsis  - the ritual in art,  the idolatric and iconic function of art,  vision and blindness - from faith to art, trangression as origin of both religion and art) It will be will be a brief introduction to the ocularocentric structures of the human mind and the history of the intertwinement between philosophy, religion and culture. The course will be accompanied by work-based learning during professional film-making workshop. The theoretical part of the course will aim at showing students the possible practical outcomes of the theory in their own filmmaking projects or future documentary projects about religion made during Film Spring Open workshop taking place near Cracow in October (or online). Students will gain the opportunity to discover technical and artistic abilities in documentary film upon professional filmmakers.


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