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Wykład Prof. Clarisse Prêtre

Wykład Prof. Clarisse Prêtre

Serdecznie zapraszamy na wykład prof. Clarisse Prêtre "The pain of love in Greek antiquity", który odbędzie się w naszym Instytucie w dniu 12.12.2022 w sali 10A o godz.11.00.

Ból miłości w starożytności greckiej


The pain of love in Greek antiquity


Contrary to the monolithic image of love conveyed in the ancient Idylls or displayed in iconographic representations, the Greek eros applies equally to the desire felt by Zeus in front of Ganymede, to the "bittersweet" feeling described by Sappho or to the emotion felt by Socrates in front of Lysias' speeches.

Through literary texts and archaeological sources, we will address the question of love and its evils, the pain of love, whether it involves the failure of seduction, the violence of sexuality, the madness of the state of love, or the physical impotence sometimes leading to fatal outcomes. For the Athenian prostitute, the unfaithful wife, the outlaw pederast, or even the rapist god, love, sexuality, and eroticism are linked to deviant and negative behaviours, which it will be interesting to underline here, in order to break with a positivist and idealized vision of the feeling of love.


Clarisse Prêtre, Directrice de Recherches, CNRS, UMR 8210 "Anhima", France.