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Revisiting Wittgenstein and Religion

Revisiting Wittgenstein and Religion

Seminar: "Revisiting Wittgenstein and Religion” Date: the 6th of November 2019 11:30-13:30

The Department of Philosophy of Religion
Institute of Religious Studies
Jagiellonian University
Invites you to participate in the seminar

“Revisiting Wittgenstein and Religion”

The call to reread the many-sided relationship between Wittgenstein’s philosophy and
religion is dictated by two different perspectives. The first one is triggered by more or
less recent discoveries among Wittgenstein’s legacy (the edition of the coded part of the
war notebooks MS 101-103 in the ’90, or the Rudolph Koder legacy), and the possibility
to study biographical digital maps gathering notes, diaries, correspondence etc.
throughout the electronic Nachlass (Bergen Electronic Edition). The second perspective
enhances a contemporary ‘postsecular’ viewpoint on the Wittgenstein legacy, from
which Wittgenstein appears as a forerunner of an approach of religion exceeding the
traditional opposition of reason and faith (challenging the standpoints usually ascribed
to Wittgenstein: non-cognitivism, fideism or expressivism). Both perspectives can be
called crypto-theological using Walter Benjamin’s expression referring to forces exerted
from the shadows. The seminar will consist on short presentations of different on-going
projects concerning Wittgenstein and religion followed by discussion.

Date: the 6th of November 2019 11:30-13:30
place: Collegium Maius (sala Kazimierza Wielkiego)
ul. Jagiellońska 15, Kraków


Opening address: Prof. Jacek Purchla (President of the Jagiellonian University Board)

chair: dr Urszula Idziak-Smoczyńska (Cracow) 

Short contributions by: prof. Józef Bremer (Cracow), dr hab. Jakub Gomułka (Cracow), dr Michael Miller (Erlangen-Nurnberg), prof. Alois Pichler (Bergen), prof. Martin Pilch (Vienna), prof. Wojciech Sady (Cracow)

With the participation of:  Prof. Krzysztof Mech (Cracow)

Prof. Ray Monk (Southampton),

Prof. Volker Munz (Klagenfurt),

prof. Karol Tarnowski (Cracow).