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Kurs: "From Human to God: Deification in the History of Religion"


Serdecznie zapraszamy na kurs "From Human to God: Deification in the History of Religion", który poprowadzi Nickolas P. Roubekas, Ph.D. (Department of Religious Studies, University of Vienna) w dniach 9-13 III 2020

From Human to God: Deification in the History of Religion

Nickolas P. Roubekas, Ph.D.  (Department of Religious Studies, University of Vienna)


09 .03.2020

14.00-19.00 Introduction & Early Antiquity 


14.00-19.00 The Ancient World


14.00-19.00 Common Era & Medieval World


14.00-19.00 Enlightenment and After 

14.00-19.00 Modernity & Postmodernity, Exam



Deification, or apotheosis, is a very popular phenomenon across many cultures and traditions. Human history is replete with examples of deified individuals either as a result of their power or due to some special abilities. The course will examine certain examples from different cultural contexts, including posthumous deification and self-deification of individuals, in an array of ancient and modern understandings of the phenomenon: from Ancient Greece and Rome to Jesus Christ, and from the Japanese Emperor to Hollywood stars, popular singers, and athletes. Particular emphasis will be placed on the blurry lines between the notion of divinity and humanity. 

Instytut Religioznawstwa

ul. Krupnicza 2, sala 305


Liczba godzin: 30

ECTS: 4 pkt

Informacje i zapisy:        Sekretariat Instytutu Religioznawstwa


                                               USOSweb 10.02.-8.03.2020 kod rejestracji WFz.IR-I/95


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