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Wykład gościnny prof. Marianny Ferrara

Wykład gościnny prof. Marianny Ferrara

Serdecznie zapraszamy na wykład gościnny prof. Marianny Ferrara pt. The History of Religions and Gender Approaches: A Controversial Relationship. 28.05.2024, godz. 13.00, sala 10

Prof. Marianna Ferrara (Department of History Anthropology Religions, Performing Arts – SARAS, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Sapienza University of Rome)


This presentation will illustrate how the analytical category of gender has transformed the study of religions, as well as the challenges encountered in reconciling religious studies with gender approaches today. While it is true that gender perspectives have become widespread among scholars of religions, there is also evident resistance, partly rooted in the androcentric narrative of religious history and efforts to essentialize and ontologize sexual differences. Beginning with the pioneering women scholars who initially advocated for de-androcentrizing the field of religious studies, I will delve into the role of gender as a category in religious studies and the as yet unexplored possibilities to integrate gender approaches with the history of religions, both in academic practice and theoretical frameworks.