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Wykład gościnny prof. Marianny Ferrara II

Wykład gościnny prof. Marianny Ferrara II

Serdecznie zapraszamy na wykład gościnny prof. Marianny Ferrara pt. "Every Phenomenon is a Genomenon": Tracing the Evolution from the Roman School's History of Religions to Contemporary Critical Methodologies. 29.05.2024, 15.00, sala 10

Prof. Marianna Ferrara (Department of History Anthropology Religions, Performing Arts – SARAS, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Sapienza University of Rome)


The history of religions as a discipline has a long lineage that can be traced back to the comparative study of languages initiated by Friedrich Max Müller. However, while Max Müller assumed that languages reflected cultures as if cultures were discrete entities, the modern history of religions emerged from the awareness that cultures constantly change, and religions are inherently syncretic phenomena. From this perspective, in this presentation, I will illustrate how at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Italian scholar Raffaele Pettazzoni endeavoured to conceptualise a distinct approach to the historical study of religions that diverged significantly from the Max Müllerian paradigm. This can be encapsulated in his assertion that “Every Phenomenon is a Genomenon,” indicating that each religious phenomenon should be examined within its historical context and changing trajectory in order to avoid the risk of conducting a morphological study devoid of historical specificity. From Pettazzoni onwards, I will demonstrate how the discipline of religious history has developed in Italy, particularly through the renowned Roma School of History of Religions, uncovering significant connections and disparities with the scholarship emanating from Chicago, which has profoundly influenced the study of religions both in the United States and Europe.