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Wykład: "Islamophobia without Muslims", 7 V 2019


Serdecznie zapraszamy na wykład gościnny dr hab. Katarzyny Górak-Sosnowskiej pod tytułem: "Islamophobia without Muslims. The case of Poland", który odbędzie się we wtorek 7 maja o godzinie 16:45 w sali nr 9.

To an outsider (and insider as well) Polish negative sentiments toward Muslims can be puzzling as Muslims constitute less than 0,1% of country’s population and there have never been any challenges related to their presence (which had been for over 600 years). In my lecture I will try to provide three interlinked narratives that might provide some explanation: (a) lacking multicultural experiences, which are often learnt only “by dry run”, (b) rise of Polish nationalist identity against the Muslim Other and (c) Islamophobia as a way of negotiating Poland’s position vs. the EU.
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