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dr inż. Radosław Piskorski

dr inż. Radosław Piskorski


He holds a master's degree in geodesy and cartography and a PhD degree in civil and transport engineering. In his research he deals with the application of GIS analysis in the study of urban space, mainly in the aspect of land use, tourism and landscape valorization.

In his research he focuses on process automation aimed at objectivity of the decision-making process. He finds particularly interesting the possibility of using digital models to describe reality and their use in GIS analyses, especially in interdisciplinary research. He also specializes in visualization, cartography and spatial databases.

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  • GIS analysis
  • urban space
  • spatial databases
  • cartography
  • 3D modeling
  • landscape valorization

Religion and urbanity. Mapping and relating religious fields in contemporary Polish cities (This project was funded by the National Science Centre the OPUS  19 project no. 2020/37/B/HS1/02363) – GIS post-doc (1.05.2021-31.03.2024)

HERIGEOCARTO (Una Europa international project). Learning geographical competences and (inter)national urban heritage through online cartography – participant.

Szlapińska S., Piskorski R., Pyka K.,Analysis of the usefulness of LiDAR DEM to update the river network in the topographic database,  BGC Geomatics 2016: 2016 Baltic Geodetic Congress (Geomatics) : Gdansk, Poland 2–4 June 2016 : proceedings

Pyka K., Piskorski R., DSM based on ALS data for needs of urban space analysis,  BGC-Geomatics 2018: 2018 Baltic Geodetic Congress : 21–23 June 2018, Olsztyn, Poland : proceedings

Pyka K., Piskorski R., Jasińska A., LiDAR-based method for analysing landmark visibility to pedestrians in cities: case study in Kraków, Poland, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, published online,