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Wykład profesora Audriusa Beinoriusa

Wykład profesora Audriusa Beinoriusa

Zapraszamy na wykład oraz pokaz filmu w ramach programu ERASMUS, profesora Audriusa Beinoriusa 6.03.2024 godz. 13.00, sala 10A

Prof. habil. dr. Audrius Beinorius


1. Lecture:  ‘Malleable Fixity’: On Destiny, Agency and Indian Astrologers (2 academic hours)

The lecture will introduce briefly the historical development of Indian astrology and divination (jyotish shastra) including the assimilation of ancient Greek and Arabic/Persian astrological traditions. It will mention also the earliest and classical Sanskrit sources, the prevailing astrological schools and the practical methods employed in contemporary India.

Anthropological perspectives often overlook critical aspects of astrological advisory sessions, especially those aspects which deal with the increasing person’s awareness of their experiential situation and promoting the proactive psychological attitude. Still there is a prevailing perception that the commitment of Indians to the so-called "law of karma" involves them in some sort of fatalism - an attitude of resignation in the face of some inevitable future event.

My talk is based on the recent fieldwork done among the professional astrologers (jyotishis) of Kolkata. What brings Indian clients to an astrologer? Which approach is emphasized in the consultation - fatalistic, deterministic or proactive, based on "personal choice"? What role does the religious worldview of clients play in counselling therapy and what specific religious remedies are prescribed? I argue, that astrological counseling constructs a new narrative of life and dealing with “negotiable fate” affirms the active and pragmatic coping with obstacles and reintegration of the individuals within the society and cosmos.

2. Screening of the film and discussion (2 academic hours)

A film by Eglė Vertelytė „Managers of Luck“ (2022)

In the documentary film three researchers from Vilnius University travel to India: Calcutta and Haridwar. There they meet Arjun – a practising astrologer who introduces the researchers to the world of "professional" astrologers in Bengal. The film explores how Indians deal with a sense of uncertainty and how they negotiate their fate and make decisions about the place of success and chance. Researchers discuss with astrologers, scientists and monks and participate in various cutural practices, rites and rituals related to destiny.

Research and film was supported by grant from European Social Fund.

(Duration of film 50:00 min., in ENG, Lithuanian and Bengali with ENG subtitles)


Audrius Beinorius – PhD (Habil) in philosophy, is a Professor of Indian and Buddhist Studies at the Institute of Asian and Transcultural Studies, Head of the India Research Center at Vilnius University, Lithuania. In 2004-2015 – Director of the same Institute. Academic interests cover Indian philosophy and religion, Comparative religious studies, Cultural psychology, Postcolonial theories. Has been working and doing research in Oxford, Leiden University, Brown and Cornell Universities (Fulbright scholarship), Sorbonne University, Nanzan Institute (Japan), Heidelberg University, RM Institute of Culture, Institute of Advanced Studies at JNU, University of Calcutta, and other institutions. Has published four books: "Consciousness in Classical Indian Philosophy" (2002), "Imagining Otherness: Postcolonial Perspective to Indian Religious Culture" (2007), "The Development of Buddhism in India" (2011), "India and the West: Cross-cultural Interactions" (2012); has edited volume „The Phenomenon of Esoteriscism: Between East and West“ (2023), translations of Pali "Dhammapada" (2005), from Sanskrit "Upanishads" (2013) „Yoga sūtras“ (2008).